Media Relations

Working with reporters and media outlets.

When you receive a call from a reporter, see camera crews on campus or have a university-related news story to publicize, the media relations team is the place to start.

University Marketing and Communications works to raise the university鈥檚 national recognition by increasing coverage of its newsworthy people, places and accomplishments in key publications and specialty media. The media team also helps protect the intellectual property, privacy and position of faculty, staff and students.

Our team is staffed by professionals with extensive experience working with journalists on a daily basis. We work with all media, from on-campus to international, in all formats鈥攑rint, broadcast and online. We target the top mainstream news and education media, including the聽Chronicle of Higher Education,New York Times,聽Wall Street Journal,聽USA Today聽and major news networks and magazines. We also strive to place Case Western Reserve stories in select trade publications and print newspapers in designated market areas as well as with local and state media outlets.

Key goals of our team include:

  • issuing news releases on research, grants, events or other interesting stories related to Case Western Reserve;
  • pitch our faculty as expert resources to media outlets;
  • handle reporter inquiries;
  • organize news conferences

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